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Frequently asked Questions

Why do you need to have a website?

First of all, a website is an affordable and effective way to introduce yourself on the internet. The site is always available and allows people to access your products or services almost anytime and anywhere. This is very important in modern world when people are very busy. Today the people is addicted to the Internet and spends a lot of time on the Internet. That's why the audience is not a problem. In addition, not having a website for business is the same as not having a phone for a modern person.

What do you need to have a website?

Web sites consists of 3 components: domain name, hosting and website CMS (site software solution).

- Domain name is the name of the future site, which is registering registrar companies for one or more years. This means that you get the right to use this domain during the paid period. A domain name can also be sold or bought. We do not provide such services. The domain payment is an annual fee. You can register a domain name if it is free (not registered). You can check this on the websites of domain registrars.

- A hosting service is a place on a server that is rented out for one or more years. Depending on the parameters and type of hosting, the price can vary widely. We provide a hosting service, you can find out about hosting prices on this page.

A website CMS (content management system) is the software solution you need to manage your website. This is a very important part. It is very important to check these details before ordering the website. Otherwise, having ordered a site, you will not be able to manage your content on your own and you will often have to appeal specialist. It's expensive and inconvenient. Our sites have a convenient and reliable management system with which you can manage your site yourself. Changes that require a professional approach will be carried out by us at affordable or, as often happens, at symbolic prices. This system provides functionality - the design of the future site. It is very important that your webmaster has a good understanding of the CMS system in order to be able to quickly and accurately make the changes you need. Otherwise, you get useless bunch of codes and files. Our CMS is made by us and since 2006 we have been constantly improving it. In the case of hosting or a domain, it can be easily changed, and in the case of a website, you will have to order a new website.